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Our Mission

Atwater S.T.E.A.M. Elementary School is "vested in creating the future."
Our Beliefs...
We believe accountability is fostered by clear expectations, high standards, and self reflection which ultimately promote academic success and social growth.
We believe student achievement is fostered by rigorous academic instruction leading to mastery of the standards.
We believe that by allowing every student to express themselves through multiple modalities will promote and support creativity.
We believe that instilling integrity results in respectful, honest, and responsible community members.
Life-Long Learners
We believe in the importance of creating life-long learners by fostering persistence, achievement, and creativity.
Respect for Diversity
We believe that respect for diversity is accomplished by creating a safe, welcoming environment where individual differences and cultures are highly valued.
We believe that teamwork is achieved when all stakeholders are valued and inspired to collaborate in a comfortable environment.